The Up and Up

Those of you who know me well (and do realize that I feel sorry for each and every one of you) know that I absolutely love the rock band that is Relient K. I love Journey too, but that's another story for another time...

Surprisingly, Relient K's latest CD, 5 Score and Seven Years Ago, isn't really that good. The only great song on the CD is the same one that has pretty much described my entire last semester of college. It should've been a victory march, but instead it turned into one crushing rejection after another. The details aren't important, but I was hurting alot more than most people knew underneath all those awards.

I may never know why things turned out as badly as they did, but I suspect God had amazing reasons that will become abundantly clear in His timing.

If I was as cool as Christina, I'd add this in my "Now Listening" box.

Yesterday was not quite what it could've been.
As were most of all the days before.
But I swear today with every breath I'm breathing in.
I'll be trying to make it so much more.

Cause it seems I get so hung up on.
The history of what's gone wrong.
That the hope of a new day is sometimes hard to see.

But I'm finally catching on to it.
Yeah the past is just a conduit.
And the light there at the end is where I'll be.

Cause I'm on the up and up.I'm on the up and up.
And I haven't given up.
Given up on what.
I know I'm capable of.

Yeah I'm on the up and up.
Yeah there's nothing left to prove.
Cause I'm just trying to be
A better version of me for you.

To be prosperous would not require much of me.
You see contentment is the one thing it entails.
To be content with where I am,
And getting where I need to be.
And moving past the past where I have failed.

You never cease to supply
Me with what I need for a good life.
So when I'm down I'll hold my head up high.
Cause you're the reason why.
-Relient K


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Happy June.

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