GRECIAN COUNTDOWN: Actually, I can't count in Greek, so this is going to have to be in English, εντάξει?

Point is, in a mere 6 days, I'm leaving Greece and headed back to the States. Awesome that I call it "the States" now. That's like graduating to "D.C" after living in Washington for awhile.

Clearly, you can tell I haven't lived in Washington long enough.

STAR SPANGLED ICE CREAM: Although Ben and Jerry offer some great ice cream flavors, there's a new kid on the block. A Starbucks Republican (assumming ice cream can be divvied into a voter segmentation), if you will, who supports Smaller GovernMINT.


Star Spangled Ice Cream Company is pushing the conservative movement the only way half of the population can be reached: by commencing "Operation Conservative Ice Cream" to the stomach.

Rummy would have thought of a waaay better invasion name. Apologies, I'm just not the strategic mastermind.

The ice cream manufacturer donates 10% of profits to "the troops."

You know, "the troops?" Those dudes everyone keeps talking about. That big, faceless entity, who much like the smurfs, is omnipresent and lovable.

In a very unsmruf-like move, flavors like Gun Nut, I Hate The French Vanilla, Iraqi Road (my favorite flavor!), Nutty Environmentalist and G. I. Love Chocolate (sounds better than Hershey's).

What am I saying? Heck, smurfs would be all about the Gun Nut. Always wondered about those smurfs.

Anyway, go buy some ice cream!


THE GOP LOVES STARBUCKS...REPUBLICANS: Bored with worrying after "security moms" and "NASCAR dads," the media has found a new voting block to buzz about. The buzz, of course, depends upon the number of expresso shots in your grande iced caramel macchiato.

Ah, segmentation how I love thee.

The new "it" voting block...Starbucks Republicans.

Lewis Black couldn't have coined it better himself.

These independent-leaning voters in high-growth areas in the South and West ultimately backed Bush two years ago but are now disappointed in the president and the Republican Congress.

Wow, sounds like every Republican to me.

In case you're wondering about the finer points, or if you, in fact, belong to this voting block (though personally, I think it would be waaay cooler to be a NASCAR dad), here's the DL:

LOCATION: Mostly in the suburbs

AGE: Younger then the average, 55-year-old voter

GENDER: About 55 percent to 60 percent female...so basically, they have one

INCOME: Middle class to upper middle class

FISCAL POLITICS: They support lower taxes but are anxious about the federal deficit

SOCIAL POLITICS: Pro-choice and not anti-gay

OTHER POLITICS: Pro-environment, especially when it comes to sprawl. Concerned about the economy, health care and the price of gas

RELIGION: Many of them attend church, but they are more secular than fundamentalist

David Beattie, the creator of the term says that "They may be disappointed in Republicans, but they are not convinced yet that Democrats will do better." And added, "They view what is happening in Washington, D.C., as a childish food fight."

Wow, sounds like every Republican to me.

Iowa Cuts Price Of Men's Basketball Season Tickets: Mostly because no one likes Iowa basketball and Steve Alford should be fired.

Heck, it would probably be a better use of trees to litter the Pentacrest with "Vote for Fallon" fliers, instead of printing tickets.


IN CRETE: Blogging may resume shortly.


İSTANBUL HAS STARBUCKS: As I dıscovered earlıer today.

Thats ıt folks, let them ınto the EU! Starbucks ıs clearly a sıgn of an advanced, Western cıvılızatıon.

Even though theır keyboards have odd puctuatıon. Forgıve the keyboards. It happens.


AWAY FROM MY BLOG: Until next Monday. I'll try to post periodically, but just try to live until then. Try.

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