BRITAIN INVADES; OHIO RESPONDS: What happens when the UK Guardian conducts a mass mailing campaign to sway Ohio voters to vote for John Kerry? Apparently, many Ohioans (and others around the US) don't take too well to the meddling of the Brits.

ASHLEY'S STORY: Check out the video on http://www.ashleysstory.com/. Ashley is a teenager who lost her mother at the World Trade Center. Ashley had a very memorable meeting with President Bush this year. Check out the video!

Of all the moments of the Bush presidency, this moment in Ohio makes me proudest to have George W. Bush as our president (the only other moment that stands next to this is when the president stood upon the rubble of Ground Zero and told the crowd “The people of America hear you, and the people who knocked down these buildings will hear from us.”).


FEELING A DRAFT: My latest Daily Iowan column is now available. Actually, it was available as of last Wednesday. I suck. Have a good Wednesday.


O'REILLY? OH MY!: Bill O'Reilly has been hit by a lawsuit from his associate producer alleging sexual harassment. This may come as a shock to those out there who perceive O'Reilly as the standard bearer of integrity. After all, he's the man who did numerous exposes about the way teenagers dance these days; he's the man who called for the protest of Pepsi because they had the sinner Ludacris as a spokesman; he's the man who invites porn stars on his show so he can condemn them; he's the man who always asks defense lawyers, "What if it was YOUR daughter who was raped and murdered?"

This lawsuit does not surprise me, though the content of the allegations is shocking. Over the past few years, the O'Reilly Factor has ceased to be a show on politics and is more a show about O'Reilly. Case in point, the Pepsi protest. This is a man who has become infatuated with himself; that his being alleged of committing sexual harassment on his associate producer should not surprise anyone.

The question is where O'Reilly will go from here. Surely, he will call for a protest of his sponsors since they sponsor a man who allegedly commits adultery and sexually harasses young women, among other allegations. Of course, he will also start asking himself "What if it was YOUR daughter who was sexually harassed?"


POLITICAL DEMAGOGUERY AT ITS WORST: When I saw that Christopher Reeve died, I had to wonder how the political races would be affected, being that stem-cell research is a hot topic this week.

John Edwards exceeded my worst fears this week. While campaigning in Iowa, Edwards said, "When John Kerry is president, people like Christopher Reeve are going to walk. Get up out of the wheelchair and walk again."

Disgusting. Disgusting like the Wellstone funeral in 2002, which turned into a political call to action that so sickened Minnesotans that the Democrats running for governor and for senate (in place of Wellstone) lost the races despite having leads prior to the Wellstone funeral.

This further shows that Edwards is not ready for prime time. While some believe that, if Kerry loses, Edwards will strongly challenge Hillary for the Democratic nomination in 2008, I can no longer agree. Between his debate debacle last week, his confusing bumblings on the Sunday news shows (Iraq is the central terrorist threat to the US, after all, but the war in Iraq is a diversion from the War on Terror), and this latest outburst, he has become a drag to the Kerry ticket.

Those of you who know me well know my disdain for Senator Tom Harkin, who at the Wellstone funeral ripped off his suit jacket and yelled, "Get on the bus!" Tasteful for a funeral, of course. If there's a chance to embarrass his state, Harkin cannot pass up the opportunity. Yesterday, on the floor of the Senate, Harkin joined with Senator Dick Durbin to criticize President Bush for a "ban" on stem-cell research... all while they had a picture of Reeve in the background. How repulsive. It's sickening to think that this man represents the great state of Iowa.

Harkin does, however, make for a great coat rack for Howard Dean!


I'M BACK: After a brief hiatus, Hawkeye Republican is back and running. Between a speech Friday on journalism, a speech tonight in support of George W. Bush against the Chairman of the Kerry campaign for southeast Iowa, and a visit to my parents, this site got pushed to the back burner.

SCARE TACTICS: They scare senior citizens by saying that if George W. Bush is elected, Medicare and Social Security will disappear. They scare African-Americans by saying Republicans will roll back civil rights. They claimed that Newt Gingrich and the Congressional Republicans would starve school children. None of these came true.

Well, we can't deny that they're persistent. The new Democrat myth: George W. Bush will bring back the draft. Nonsense! The draft is gone and will not come back, in spite of Kerry supporter and Democrat Congressmen Charles Rangel's wishes.

THINKING BIG, THINKING BIG...STILL NOT VOTING SMALL: This evening I came across the campaign website for Art Small, candidate for US Senate. With his charming smile and love for Goodwill, who could possibly vote against this man? Me, for one.

Something tells me Senator Charles Grassley is not worried about reelection this year.


THE AFRICAN-AMERICAN VOTE: Kudos to Benin Dakar for his latest column on the usually reliably votes for Democrats from African-Americans. While President Bush has been advocated such things as No Child Left Behind, which is pushing for improvement in poor, urban, predominately minority schools across the country, the Democrats have used nothing more than the same rhetoric, saying that if Republicans are elected, civil rights will be rolled back. It's the same line every election cycle.

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