AMERICANS ARE GREEDY: That's why we gave $260.28 billion to charity last year.

Of course, that's roughly the GDP of Saudi Arabia...which isn't generous at all...


CONGRATS HANK: Finally, we've got a great Treasury Secretary nominee.

DID YOU VOTE LAST TUESDAY?: If not, you joined me an gazillions (okay, maybe just thousands) of other Iowans who did not, in fact, test out Iowa's new-fangled voting machines.

Just to be politically correct, I had nothing to vote for on Tuesday. Every race was uncontested (including that of governor in my primary), so don't leave a comment to me preaching about I should be more politically active, especially since that would be like telling Bill Frisk to pretend to act creepier.

It's just not even humanly possible. Unless, of course, he becomes a Scientologist.

Back to the issue at hand, congrats to the 2/3 of Democrats who voted. Really, congratulations, I mean it. Voting is good...usually.

Just keep it in check when November comes 'round.

DASCHLE TESTS IOWA FOR 2008 PRESIDENTIAL BID: Okay, how about I give you one American dollar to leave us alone?

I'll throw in some sparklers for the 4th and a watercooler from Target. Savvy?

IOWANS DON'T LIKE TOM VILSACK: Oh yeah, and some poll apparently reveals that John Edwards would take 30% of votes or something like that...right.

But, what's really striking is how little support Vilsack pulls from his own state. Shit, not since Al Gore lost Tennessee has so little support been shown for a home-spun candidate.

Iowa, thanks for keeping it classy.

BLOGGING IS STILL FUN: First of all, let me apologize for the utterly horrific infrequency of my blogging. I mean for real, you don't navigate all the way over to this site just to read something from a week ago? Yawn. Old news, right?

Alright, well true that, homes, but I'm working on it. Now that I'm not in Crete or in Spain or some other God-forsaken land of Europeaness and third-world toliets (sadly, it's true), blogging may become even more infrequent.

You see, I am about to embark on internship with a firm that really embraces the 100 hour work week, or so I'm told. Daunting? No. Awesome? Totally. I'm excited to really put that Iowa work ethic to work (ba dum dum).

So, excuse me if things remain a bit outdated. Seriously, you hit this site for the superb Starbucks coverage and occasional Bono updates. You know it, I know it. You also probably own a Backstreet Boys CD. Don't be ashamed. Just embrace who you are. Liberals tell me it's healthy. Like a Mango shake or Flinstone vitamin...or something...

On that note, let's get back to it a bit. Back to blogging.


BACK IN THE STATES SLIGHTLY INCAPACITATED: No, not from jet lag (because truly only the weak buckle to such a force), but from getting my wisdom teeth out.

Welcome home to America, do you mind undergoing oral surgery? Awesome. And by awesome, I mean to purposefully refer to my mantra: Life sucks, then you Die.

It's true, I've lived the dream.

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