NEWSFLASH: Pierre Pierce is now free and Iowa students still hate Steve Alford.

Sorry this post wasn't Katie Couric-stylized.

LUCKY 13: It physically pains me to say it, but clearly Fate favors Ohio State.

Based upon both Iowa and Ohio State's performance over the weekend, the teams are ranked #13 and #1 by an AP poll.

I mean, I'm all about saying, "Yo, Fate! Let's tango. Maybe over some Flippy Cup, yeah?" But, let's be serious, folks, Fate has us ranked one spot below Notre Dame.

I hate you Fate. Why don't you go harass some New Zealanders? (See previous post)

WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS TO ME STARBUCKS?: Let me first note how massively difficult it was not to start this post with a pun-ish title like "Starbucks Brews Up New Prices?" So, in the spirit of compromise, I'll just link you to an article from our friends in Massachusetts with the aforementioned title (I blame Mitt Romney...why? Because I can).

No more light-hearted puns people, this caffeine junkie is mad!

Let the rant begin.

Why would you do this to me Starbucks? Raise your prices, when I'm already paying $3.50 a latte!

Hey, it's me. You know, the "me" who supports you despite your suppressive crackdown of New Zealand unions! I mean come on, all Republicans hate unions (it's true, look it up on Wikipedia), but Kiwis? Fun-loving, accent-happy Kiwis? Plus, a super delicious fruit, how could you?

The same "me" who frequents your establishment at least twice a day. Who regularly chooses a cup of coffee over lunch?

And now you plan to raise your prices by at least a nickel.

That's cheap Starbucks, really cheap. And by cheap, I mean priced expensively, but really morally bankrupt of you.

*NOTE: I realize this rant may be a little less rantish than usual, people. Give me some time, I'm easing back into the blogging...either that or my addiction to Starbucks has all but crippled my mind outside of caffeine consumption. I'm going to go with the last one. Definitely the last one.


I AM STILL ALIVE: This is just a teaser.

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