Who Got The Hooch?

Not Venezuelans, that's who: "President" Hugo Chavez prompted a public outcry this week when he restricted the sale of alcohol to decrease the deaths caused by drunk driving during Holy Week. Some of the most vociferious protests came from the delightfully-named "Margarita Island," the existence of which immediately moves Venezuela from #113 to #2 on my list of must-visit vacation spots. (#1 is still a summer Alaskan cruise. How cool would that be?)

The partial ban is particularly devastating to local commerce because, according to one bar owner, “Holy Week is the best week of the year because people don’t work, they go out and spend.” Jesus of Nazareth, the popular lush and alleged 'King of the Jews', was not available for comment.

Unsurprisingly, the ban remains largely unenforceable. Senor Chavez would have known this two weeks ago had he spent more time reading American history textbooks (see: Prohibition) and less time calling its elected leaders "the devil."

The Hawkeye Republican takes no official stance on the legal consumption of alcohol in moderate amounts, although it strongly condemns drunk driving regardless of its country of origin and all acts of criminal mischief justified by haze of drunkness.

Mostly, we just like to make fun of socialists.

Very clever. You're right but I'm not sure how many people are going fully understand all the humor. But you crack me up...partially cause of this and partially cause of your comments on Christina's blog. Making people laugh is a good thing though.
I'd move venezuela back down to #113,at least "Isla De Margarita". the best and cleanest part of that island is the private part that only the cruise ships get to use. Anywhere else there, I feard for my life!
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