What A Moron

It's good to see that some newly elected Democrats are quickly adjusting to the culture of Washington DC. According to the Oshkosh Northwestern (whereabouts of B'gosh unknown), Wisconsin Rep.-elect Steve Kagen stuck it the President, the Vice President, the First Lady, and the President's political advisor at a White House reception in November.

Kagen reportedly told Karl Rove he kicked his *** (three guesses), thanked Cheney and Bush for campaigning against him, and then, to top off the night, called Laura Bush "Barbara" because he "learned on the campaign that the meanest thing you can say to another gentlemen is, ‘he’s a fine fellow,’ and you then refer to his spouse by a different name.”

Oh boy. This could take awhile.

1. Maybe it's just me, but insulting the President's wife does not seem like the most appropriate way to introduce yourself to the sitting President of the United States. Way to go, Michael Moore.

2. Why stop with Laura Bush? Surely the President's secretary, dog, and paperboy also deserved a good licking or two for their role in shaping the President's policies.

3. Rove does a great job keeping his dignity with his response ("Congratulations") to Kagen's jack*** remark (“You’re in the White House and you think your safe, huh? You recognize me? My name’s Dr. Multimillionaire and I kicked your ***.").

4. A quote from President Kennedy's famous 1961 Inaugural Address supplies the answer to the question Kagen asked of Cheney and the high cost of the war in Iraq, “Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe, in order to assure the survival and the success of liberty." Bush and Cheney, unlike most Democrats, are the true heirs of the foreign policy legacy left by Democratics like Kennedy.

5. When pressed, Kagen retreats from most of his story and refuses to discuss it further. Now there's a real Washington insider, insult Laura Bush, brag about it to your friends, and then forget the whole episode took place.

In the end, Messrs. Bush, Cheney, and Rove come out looking statesmen, and Kagen comes out looking like the kind of sleaze we tried to clean out of Washington this past election. It's a shame.


Dear Wisconsin Readers/Voters,

The behavior of this Wisconsin junvenile Steve Kagan tells the rest of us more about the state of Wisconsin voters who elected him than about the little brat himself.

There are always a couple pea brains is every state, but now we now there is a mass of other pea brains up there electing these hate filled, self-important and very short sighted whimps.

Way to go! I and everyone I know now have no incentive to visit, spend my vacation time, my tourist or sports dollars for Wisconsin products or services knowing I'll be supporting these types of fools.


D. Hansen
North Carolina / Texas / Utah
Babs Bush... the one with the 'mind she can't concern herself with 50thousand bodybags and such.

Her brain must be full of green cheese or something.
Oh gee, I love how Republicans who spent the previous six years calling anyone who failed to toe the Bush line a "traitor". Yet now you scream how unfair it is to not treat you with respect when you lose.
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