Global Sweltering?

Breaking news: The United Nations releases another report! This one actually may be worth reading, as it tempers some of the wild claims made by "climate-friendly" almost-former Presidents. To be fair, I have not read his book, but I'd highly recommend another fasctinating treatment of the subject.

As usual, you have to read all the way to the bottom of the story to find the good stuff. In this case, it's a quote from Julian Morris, executive director of the International Policy Network, "There needs to be better data before billions of pounds are spent on policy measures that may have little impact."

God save the queen.

Good post! I had the nerdy opportunity to have read much about climate science (it crosses multiple disciplines) in some great detail. One certainty is the rapid change of the consensus of the better research, before academia began reaching scientific consensus for the purpose of political rectitude instead of object analysis and knowledge.
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