RUPERT EVERETT DOES NOT ENJOY A GRANDE SKIM NO-WHIP MOCHA...POSSIBLY: For those of you who are less adamant followers of The Starbucks, let me refill your cup with this Guatemala Antigua of a tussle.

Apparently, the Hollywood star (who I seriously haven't seen since My Best Friend's Wedding) doesn't want The Starbucks in his neighborhood.

Crazy Englishman, must be too many hazy days.

Quite seriously though, Everett told the UK Daily Mail: "Starbucks is spreading like a cancer. Nobody in the neighborhood wants it, including me. There are plenty of diners and coffee shops there already."

Okay, so I get your point...small business...yada yada yada...save the world...truth, justice, and the caffeinated way!

The Starbucks is like a modern-day Lex Luthor and their holiday Gingerbread Latte is my kryptonite!

Noble effort, but The Starbucks will undoubtedly beat you or remain your foil, my friend.

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