Gems Beyond the Headlines

File this under the "you've got to be kidding me" actions taken by the UN. Although the headline of this AFP article is about Israel's decision to expand its ground offensive in southern Lebanon, check out this gem hidden toward the end of the article:

"In Geneva, the UN Human Rights Council voted to set up a commission of inquiry into 'systematic' Israeli attacks on civilians in Lebanon.

Twenty-seven of the 47 member countries backed a resolution submitted by Islamic nations, despite concerns the text was one-sided because it failed to tackle attacks by Hezbollah in northern Israel. "

The text of the resolution is here. It lists 22 signatories, including most of Israel's Muslim neighbors except Turkey and Iraq.

Maybe, during the course of their investigation, they'll stumble onto the fact that Hezbollah's entire offensive strategy is to kill as many Israelis (Jews and Arabs, soldiers and civilians) as possible with indiscriminate rocket attacks in order to sap the collective will of the Israeli people. Maybe.

We at the Hawkeye Republican favor holding all armies accountable to the law of war, which includes ensuring that military forces discriminate between combatants and non-combatants in the conduct of war. But the entire reason there is a tragedy unfolding in Lebanon today is because of Hezbollah's aggression.

Ultimately, it brings up the question of how serious the UN is in combating terrorism.

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