A DISTINGUISHED SCHOOL, INDEED: Earlier today, Princeton Review released their annual list of college rankings.

Here's how the University of Iowa stacked up:

#14 Teaching Assistants Teach Too Many Upper-Level Courses

#1 Their Students (Almost) Never Study

#15 Lots of Beer

#12 Lots of Hard Liquor

#9 Party Schools

Special congratulations goes out to University of Wisconsin-Madison for having the most beer on campus.

I guess all of the hard liquor majorly hampers the studying...

See the failing of public education. During my years at the beloved U of I we were the No. 1 Party School.

So listen up, pantywaistes-let's get off the dime and crank it up for a national championship in 06!
I agree #12 & #15 are pathetic, though good job on the studying.....I'll drink to that!

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Help me out-- are Westerns in or out right now? It seems that every time a HIGHLANDER with a vaguely Western feel is a hit, the media goes nuts proclaiming that the Western is back, and suddenly all small children will carry toy pistols and HIGHLANDER DVD hat, and every leading man will be riding a horse. Last I checked, though, no studio was churning out dozens of low-budget Western programmers as they were in the 40s and 50s heyday, and HIGHLANDER DVD COLLECTION would probably look uncomfortable as all hell in spurs.
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