The Violence Done To Lebanon Shall Overwhelm You

Great verse from The Good Book, and a fitting quote from this Wall Street Journal editorial. It's long but worth the time to read.

I've been thinking. Many are calling for the US to do something in Lebanon, and I've heard rumors that Secretary Rice may head to the Middle East soon to address the escalating violence between Israel and Hezbollah. Before her visit, President Bush should make a public statement dedicated entirely to Lebanon. Forget Israel; everyone knows we support them already. Israel is not the problem, and the President must reframe the issue and forge a political solution around a framework that does not blame Israel for the tragedy in Lebanon.

For example:
We support the government of Lebanon and its right to remain a sovereign nation, without the meddling of others who do not share its concern for the well-being of the Lebanese people. We call on Hezbollah to disarm immediately and on the military forces in the region to exercise restraint and humanity in their enforcement of that disarmament. Once disarmament is complete and negotiations have commenced, we ask for the assistance of the international community in rebuilding a safe, free, and prosperous Lebanon.

Lebanon is a tragedy for which there is no political solution available, at least not yet.

The war between radical Islam and the West has little to do with Israel. The Russians, a very anti-semitic socieity, despise the Israelis but are victims of Islamofascist terror. Indonesia the same way, etc...

Lebanon is just a battlefield in this latest war between radical Islam and the West. Tyre was a major port during the Crusades and all the East/West wars thereafter.

There will be no long term peace in Lebanon until the forces of Islamfascits are utterly destroyed.
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