Take That Tehran!

Iran learns a lesson in economics as it suffers from...higher crude oil prices? You have to appreciate the irony: the world's fourth largest oil exporter struggles to continue subsidizing the finished product it imports. Iran lacks the domestic refinement capability to turn its home-grown crude into fuel, one of the reasons the country turns to imported gasoline. None of this would have made the front page of the New York Times if the Iranian government didn't subsidize 80% of the true cost of crude.

So the lesson here is, of course, that if you want to stick it to the terrorists, don't teach them economics.

Nice. Very nice. Tom (and other bloggers) I was unaware of this blog! It's nice to hear from other conservatives from around campus. Someone in DC asked me the other day how I came from Iowa City and was a Republican. It happens more than they all think! Ha!
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