IOWA'S STRENGTHS ACCORDING TO TOM: Governor and perpetual candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination, Tom Vilsack, recently voiced a few of Iowa's talking points during a campaign stop, excuse me, visit to Burlington.

According to Tom, Iowa benefits from the:

1) third lowest cost of business

2) fourth best worker's compensation program

3) fifth best work environment.

and has the...

4) highest SAT scores

5) and lowest dropout rate in the nation

Oh, Tom.

I have a campaign slogan for Governor Vilsack whenever he decides to run for president.

Tom Vilsack: a first name for the ages.

It's catchy, no?
I was sitting on the set at the anchor desk watching the Urban Meyer press conference from New Orleans on Sunday when a lot of answers flooded into my head.Not necessarily the right answers, but answers nonetheless.I had read the Sports Illustrated article at the beginning of December that profiled the Florida Coach bags
in great detail. Stuff nobody’s ever heard of, never reported, came out in the article.About his early childhood, his relationship with his father and his late mother. About his pro baseball days and his beginning years as an assistant football Coach Ergo
.The article also revealed a medical condition Meyer has not reported before. He has an arachnoid cyst on his brain that causes debilitating pain when stressed or agitated. The access given to SI by Meyer was unprecedented. And it gave me a lot of insight into the Coach Gallery
, who is close to his family and friends, his players and assistants, but keeps an arm’s length everywhere else.“The Imperial Urban” I’ve always called him. Meyer realized it’s not the Coach Hamptons
that he’d miss but the relationships that he’d give up.
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