A Diamond In The Rough

There's nothing more satisfying than a New York Times article that gets it right. Today's diamond is Ms. Nayla Moawad, Lebanon's social minister. Her story is buried at the end of page 2 in an article detailing the tragedy in Lebanon, also proving that good things come to those who read further than the headlines.

Ms. Moawad said, “The decision of the Hezbollah operation was not taken in Lebanon...Lebanon was taken a hostage, a mailbox of other people’s interests. It has been taken in Damascus, probably with an Iranian coordination.”

Although it is her personal opinion and not an official Lebanese government position, Ms. Moawad's statement shows a clarity of thinking about the Israeli-Hezbollah conflict not shared by some in the West.

Nice catch.

If Lebanon cannot drive out Hizbollah then Hizbollah has to be destroyed by a third power.

Since Hizbollah is using Lebanon as a staging area for war on Israel then Israel can occupy enough of Lebanon to protect itself.

There is no meaningful argument under prevailing international law. There also is no analog in history that would support a claim that Israel's action is unjust or disproportionate.
By the way-Great Blog name.


(Yeah, I'm one of those almuni).
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