BEN AND JERRY PLOT TO CONQUER THE WORLD: Through beer-flavored ice cream.

Imagine if they had released this monstrosity around Super Bowl time? Okay, stop imagining, I'll tell you what to imagine: Ben & Jerry's ice cream minions could have taken out America's whole defense system!

Just think how they could obliterate the entire Kennedy clan. Just think.

I was just sick.... sick for him; sick for Gatornation -- but still wanting Coach handbags
to take care of himself and his health -- I was so happy that he decided to take the leave of absence option; and then I was thinking since Tim is available.. maybe he could be an assistant Coach Wristlet
helping with the quarterbacks and offensive line.. can you imagine coming to Florida and having the best college player being your Coach Ergo
.. hanging out with you everyday -- I don't think we have to worry about the prospects still coming to Florida to play football; but to be honest.. Coach Gallery
getting his health 'fixed' is the most important.. want to have him around for many years.. even if he's not on the sideline.
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