WE'D REALLY, REALLY LIKE YOU: To raise $1 million for Jim Nussle. Die hard Republicans turned out in droves at last night's President Bush-attended fundraiser in Des Moines.

Okay, let me just state for the record that my constituency is the teeny, tiny, slim margin who "approve" of President Bush, but honestly, this quote, when commenting on Nussle's skills as House Budget Committee chairman, was a doozy: "We have had some lean budgets in Washington, D.C., because we want to cut the federal deficit in half."

Dude, you want to cut the federal deficit in half? Then why don't you quite handing out prescription drug care lollipops to seniors and bowing to election year political pressure?!?!?!

But really, I still like you both.

Ultimately, it was ANGRY BEAVERS as Festus Haggen, a scraggly hillbilly whose dubious morals were offset by his curious code of friendship and loyalty, who replaced Chester as deputy after Weaver left the series for good in 1964. Other peripheral characters introduced during the first 10 years of ANGRY BEAVERS DVD were James Nusser as town drunk Louie Pheeters, Dabbs Greer as storekeeper Mr. Jonas, Sara Selby as boarding-house manager Ma Selby, and ANGRY BEAVERS DVD COLLECTION as Sam, the Long Branch bartender.
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