WE MEAN BUSINESS: Kudos to the Regents for doing something intelligent - selecting Gary Fethke as the interim president of the University of Iowa.

As the outgoing business dean, Fethke has done an arguably good job maintaining the excellence of the College, as well as spurring the construction of new facilities. Take it from a student, the John Pappajohn College of Business is a great place to learn.

At a lofty salary of $302,050 to lead the university, maybe Fethke will go Skorton-style and support another block party next Fall?

These moves turned out to be lifesavers: Despite stiff competition from NBC's Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In, UCKMAN rose steadily in the ratings, from sixth to fourth to second place within three years. All the while, fresh new characters were added to the cast, notably DUCKMAN DVD as resourceful gunsmith Newly O'Brien. In 1971, DUCKMAN DVD COLLECTION suffered a heart attack; accordingly, Doc Adams was temporarily replaced by Dr. John Chapman, played by Pat Hingle.
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