HAS ABSENCE MADE YOUR HEART GROW FONDER?: With the plethora of blogs out there, as well as "real" sources of information, probably not. But, if you're one of those three people out there who really does relish reading Hawkeye Republican entries every day, sorry for the few days I took off.

Jeez, I'm sounding like a liberal. I say days when weeks apply. Europe will do that to you.

Great words gmartin -- I think most of us had a knee jerk reaction to Coach handbags
Meyer's annoucement.. my heart was hurting for him; his family; not so much the school and football program but then reality set in and thoughts of Bob Stoops being our head Coach Bonnie
came into my head.. that is when it hit me... Coach Ergo
Meyer is leaving... to be our head Coach Gallery
no more..
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