AUR REBUILD HOUSING? For those of you who are University of Iowa grads, you may know about AUR: undeniably the worst property management company in Iowa City.

AUR developed such a bad rap in Iowa City that it changed its name to Downtown Apartments and then again to Keystone Property Management, in an attempt to shake its ruthless student-unfriendly image.

Well, apparently, they were hit pretty hard by the April 13th tornadoes; in fact, my former apartment was destroyed.

Now they say that they plan to rebuild the apartments and rent them to the displaced student tenants in a similar location at a similar price. Fat chance.

We are watching you and your obscene price-gauging efforts, AUR.

AUR is the devil disguised as a property management company.

Well look at it this way, at least by rebuilding they will be updating, cleaning, repairing and actually doing some property maintenance. something that, if you've ever signed you soul away in the form of a lease to AUR before, is something that rarily happens!!
OMG, you sent shivers down my spine. Didn't they run the Pentacrest Apts way back?
I also borrow a lot of books from the library, including Marilynn Karp’s “In Flagrant Collecto,” which I was perusing as I encountered the DUKES OF HAZZARD episode. When we moved into a new house half the size of our old one a year ago, it became painfully evident that I tend to actively accumulate things, especially books. But when it comes to collecting, I am to Ms. Karp as Birch Hill is to Denali. Karp’s book is a large, coffee-table style tome packed with photographs of a few of her family’s unbelievably DUKES OF HAZZARD DVD collections. It has 22 chapters, each featuring a bizarre array of collecting categories. The “Taste Changed” chapter, for instance, includes “Naughty Nellies” (suggestive bottle openers), “Linoleum Sample Books,” “Hairdresser Magazines,” and, what’s this? “DUKES OF HAZZARD DVD COLLECTION”? A lot of people collect those, but not Karp’s collections of dried slivers of used bath soap, billiard table pockets, police mug shots or mosquito coils.
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