ABOUT AS NONPARTISAN AS CONGRESS: My good friend and newly-minted UISG President Peter McElligott has pledged to leave all of his party affiliations behind...all of those left-leaning tendancies.

Here´s hoping he can do it, but UISG is a notoriously politically sticky place, even for those who claim no affiliation (as Pete has just done). Particularly when it comes to funding initiatives, there is no way any leader can disguise his core belief set to equally, let´s say, allocate funds to conservative versus liberal issues or groups.

The Executive has a good deal of money to play with, money that Senators have little, if any, pull over. During the reign of Krez/McCarthy senatorial power was severely stripped, as the Executive consolidated to rule over student affairs.

I trust Pete will do a good job--as he has thus far in the aftermath of disaster--but just like any leader, we´ll still need to keep an eye on him.

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