IOWA PLAYS BASKETBALL WELL, DESPITE STEVE ALFORD: Okay, so it seems that Iowans should be "happy" with Steve Alford. Afterall, we won the Big Ten Tournament and well, that usually bodes well with one keeping his or her job.

So, I'm going to jump on the bandwagon and try not to hate Steve Alford long enough to enjoy a little good 'ol Iowa b-ball.

Be sure to wear your green, black and gold on St. Patty's Day when Iowa will surely pummel Northwestern by opening play in the 2006 NCAA Division Tournament!

We lose by 1pt at the buzzer. How typical. BUT, I would rather have us lose in the 1st round of the NCAA tournament, then win the whole thing in the Nobody-Important-Tournament, otherwise known as the NIT.

I heard from a reliable source that Alford already has his bags packed for Indiana. I spoke with this lady the other day, her son is friends with Alford's son, and he said straight up that they were leaving for Indiana - this is veritably from the horses mouth.

This news couldn't make me any happier! We have been plagued by Alford's antics and shenanigans for far too long. I can hardly stomach the thought that we have been paying this dupe $800k/year?!?! For what? Excuses, rumours of marriage infidelity, player abuse, a terrible NCAA tournament record?? If we are paying Alford $800k, then Ferentz ought to be making $8 million... because he is 10 times the coach and gentleman that Alford will ever be... All I can say is: GOOD RIDDANCE. Hire ANYONE, and pay them $200k and I guarantee they will be at least as consistent as Alford is inconsistent. Nuff said.
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