STARBUCKS UPDATE: This morning I had to make my Starbucks out of a strainer and tea pot in a dorm. But I did it, dammit, I did it. I did it in memory of all of you, dear readers...and because I have a severe caffeine addiction.

Three days ago, I set out on a journey to Starbucks. Walking for miles along the sea, I walked past Byzantine ruins, through the slums of Thessaloniki and into the hearts of Starbucks aficionados everywhere.

I walked 5 MILES to Starbucks. Once I reached my Mecca, I paid 4 Euro for a grande, non-fat, no-whip, iced mocha. And it was all worth it...except when I had to walk back.

The point of this tale of triumph and tragedy is not to complain about my blisters, but rather to urge you all to take a moment to consider what counts. Starbucks counts people, Starbucks counts.

Keeping this in mind, Starbucks has set out to send India spiralling down into a caffeine-addicted Hell.

Man I love a good mocha! And such dedication on your part to strain a cup. Long live coffee.
Starbucks is a 100% contributor to Democrats in the Buy Blue universe. Thanks for your patronage. Buy a triple venti next time, k?
Look, you can't politicize a good cup of coffee. That's just un-American.
Starbucks? If you're in Greece, I demand that you find a good cup of Turkish coffee.

(Besides, I crave "The Java House" more than any other coffee shop I've been to since...)
I love ya Laura, but Starbucks is trash coffee. Their beans are way over roasted...aka: burnt. They have no varietals because they just buy in bulk from wherever, mix it all together, roast it into ashes. Then charge you extra to put whipped cream, caramel, chocolate and other crap to make it drinkable.

I have been on a search for the finest coffees availible here in Iowa and my search has yielded that Gevalia mail order is where its at. They understand a good bean is like a wine grape and they all should be tasted for what they are. An over-roasted bean is just another over-roasted bean.

Gevalia Costa Rica Peaberry, and Peruvian Organic....heaven on earth. Honorable mention to the Kenya AA.
We call it "Greek" coffee over here...something about centuries of "oppression" or something. Anyway, it's Greek coffee, not Turkish.

As for coffee more superior than Starbucks, yes, there may be such a thing. Yet, my eyes have not gazed at those caffeinated heavens.

Unfortunately, the coffee that's prevalent over here - if you can call it that- is Nescafe. The slime of the universe: Nescafe.
Nescafe...that should be illegal.

Of course the Greeks smoke so much they can't taste it anyway.

Here at school all you can get in the cafe is the instant Sanka crap that goes "chug chug chug" like a locomotive when you pull the handle to dispense it.

Utterly putrid.
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