Moving On Up In The World, Part II

While we're on the topic of Valentine's Day (and if we weren't on that topic, well, there's no time like the present), I know some of our most loyal readers and bloggers have touching stories of romances past and present. To get the ball rolling, here's my humble contribution to the spirit of the season:

Like every story worth telling, this one begins and ends with a girl (conveniently, it's the same one all the way through). She's not one of those girls who fit into the catchy metaphors I like to use; every description of her I try to give is bound to come up short in one way or another. I used to have a whole checklist of things I wanted her to be, but after I met her in real life I forgot what was on my list. I struggled alot with how to express that thought, but in the end I think I did alright.

To get her attention, I sent her a half dozen red roses (the link justifies the post) for her birthday and a handwritten card that read "The best is yet to come/Happy Birthday from your secret admirer." After letting the gossip flow - I helped it along a bit - for exactly two weeks, I sent her the other half today. My signed card said:

"I said the best was yet to come/I hope that all is well/Will you be my valentine?/'Cause that would sure be swell"

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