LEAVING ON A JET PLANE: In roughly 12 hours, I'm off to Thessaloniki, Greece, for a few months. In case anyone was concerned, no worries: there is a Starbucks. Because seriously, if there wasn't, this "study abroad" thing wouldn't be happenin'.

It's a horrible, horrible addiction, people.

Oh yeah, and I'll continue to update Hawkeye Republican from my remote location. Posts may be slow in coming for the next few days...

Hey there,

I just launched this site called abroadster (www.abroadster.com) for students living, studying, and working abroad. We just went live on Monday so we're trying to get new users in hope of creating a network where travelers can share useful information about their time abroad. You can keep a travel blog on our site or link to yours here. You should check it out, and share with others you are traveling with. Sign up and spread the good word!

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