ICE CREAM HATES MILITARY SPENDING: We are a lucky people. Ben Cohen, of the Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream, has decided to sink his frozen scoopers into Iowa. Sorry kids, no free ice cream.

Instead, we get an outpost for Cohen's nonprofit, Business Leaders for Sensible Priorities. The nationwide organization seeks to reallocate military spending and consists of approximately 650 business and military leaders, as well as 500,000 online members.

"It seems to me that every four years candidates come through Iowa and it's always all talk, nothing ever changes. Our schools are still crumbling, children still need health care, there's still this energy crisis and millions of kids are still starving around the world," Ben Cohen said.

There is no irony in that statement.

Instead of potentially spending $1 million schlepping around our state, why don't you just name a new ice cream flavor after us? Maybe "Primary Corn"? A nice vanilla swirled with Vermont maple syrup and the sewers of D.C., mixed with little niblets of corn. Just a suggestion.

I'll use this opportunity to plug Star Spangled Ice Cream (http://www.starspangledicecream.com/new/index1.htm), a yet-to-arrive-in-Iowa alternative to the liberal lactose. Website visitors can choose from flavors like "Gun Nut," "I Hate The French Vanilla," "Iraqi Road," "Nutty Environmentalist (my personal fav)," and "Smaller GovernMINT." Order today!
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