CARRIE NATION REACHES OUT TO HIGH SCHOOLERS: Apparently, 100 students from around Iowa converged on the Capitol Monday to encourage restrictions on the sale of beer kegs.

For those of you who didn't attend high school, college or life, the sale of kegs is a common way for underage drinkers to get alcohol...and teenage kids want the sale of this item to be restricted...right. Clearly, Bill Frist robots.

At least they didn't bring hatchets.

How dare they try to infringe on my rights as a legal aged drinker to buy beer for minor's.

These kids have obviously never been drunk or probably laid for that matter!!

Really all they're going to do is make my life harder with "tag a keg" bussiness. Now i'm going to have to carry at least 4 cases of beer the next time i buy beer for litte tommy and his middle school buddies. That means having to carry those damn things all the way to my car. At least when i bought them kegs the nice dirty john's shop keep, wheeled it to my car!! I guess i'll just have to charge them little alcoholics more of their allowance. "Pass the buck onto the customers", as my Grandpappy always said!!!
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