The Worst Calls in the History of Football: The 2006 Outback Bowl

IT'S NOT THAT I'M A SORE LOSER, IT'S JUST THAT I HATE CRAPPY OFFICIATING: If you think that the calls made during the 2006 Outback Bowl were the most "unconscionable" in football history and the officials may, in fact, be blind third graders, rest assured you are alongside millions of Americans.

As Randy Brubaker commented on the Des Moines Register Sports Blog:
Turned out to be an interesting fourth quarter, didn’t it? The Iowa offense came alive, Kyle Schlicher made a clutch kick and the Hawkeyes recovered an onside kick with a minute to play and had a chance to win.

Ooops. Turns out the officiating crew saw the play differently, although Iowa fans in Raymond James Stadium and ESPN’s Chris Spielman certainly begged to differ.

Spielman’s word for the offside call that cost the Hawkeyes a chance to tie or win: “Unconscionable.”

“The game is too fast for these officials,” he said.

Extra man on the field? No problem. Questionable call that could throw the game? Excellent opportunity for the blind third graders to show their middle school buddies how shitty officiating is done.

Yeah that was bad. It wasn't just that one call, either. Quite a few calls, at crucial moments in the game, went against the Hawks. There was that ticky-tack running-into-the-kicker call to give Florida a new set of downs, which, after an obviously bad personal foul call on a clean tackle (another 15 yds), led a play or two later to a Florida TD with one second left in the half. There's 7 points they shouldn't have had.

The off-side call on the final kick was just the turd on the whole crap pile that was the game's officiating. The Hawks would've had the ball near midfield with a more than a minute remaining to tie the game. They rallied for 17 unanswered points and it looked like we were in for another great finish. But the officiating crew screwed the pooch. Badly.

The only way it could've been worse is if it happened to the Cyclones.
Crappy refs like the quailty conference USA ones that officiated the IOWA game should not be allowed to ref big games.

I'm guessing they never got to call those penalties all year so they decided to try them out in the outback bowl, just to see how they sounded!! WTF?

I always thought refs were on the field to kep the game fair, not skew it in favor of one team or the other!!!

Bend over and use your good eye Ref!!!
I just stared at the TV.. I can't see how they could make a call like that.

What the hell are Conference USA refs doing a big time game??? Just think if they would have done the Texas/USC game last night..
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