STATING THE OBVIOUS--SORRY FOR THE SPORADIC POSTING: Good news is that I've clawed my way out of a pit of despair induced by the unfathomable Hawkeye bowl game loss. Really, let's not talk about it. For you twenty odd readers out there, the bad news is that my pit of despair has been replaced with a pit of too-much-crap-to-do.

I haven't read the Wall Street Journal all week! That's right. All week. I can barely form sentences, which would be a good skill to possess for the slew of internship interviews on next week's horizon.

On that note, and to bring this rambling post full circle, there may not be much this week. Just consider it your late Christmas present.


I couldn't help but comment two thoughts:

1) The Hawks truely were screwed by Florida officiating.


2) I stopped subscribing to the Wallstreet because of the distinct feeling of helplessness after missing a week (or even two days for that matter) of reading it. TOO MUCH DAMN PAPER TO DEAL WITH!

Good luck on your interviews.
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