STARBUCKS UPDATE--REBRANDING, RONALD STYLE: In an act of hilarity about as funny as a knock-knock joke, McDonald's has decided to try to compete with Starbucks with a new McCafe. *jaw drops*

That is wrong in so many ways, but for blogging simplification purposes, let's go with one. It's McDonald's people! M-C-D-O-N-A-L-D-S! We're talking about the good folks who brought us the McRib: an overprocessed meat-like patty shaped into rib form and slathered in heart attack. Delicious.

Starbucks is the best place ever. Just try experiencing a Starbucks in Iowa (the best state ever); it's like God felt like slicing out a little piece of heaven just for us.

McCafe?? I hope you like your coffee with lots of sugar, so much for Bitter and Dark!! That and somehow it will make you fat and Scald your inner Thigh all at the same time!

I can smell the sweet sweet aroma of lawsuits now........ahhhhhhhhhh!

Starbucks would be great if you didn't have to pledge your first born for a Vanilla Latte`.....Large Vanilla Latte` or 3 gallons of gas.....hmmmmm?
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