RACING TO IOWA: The Minneapolis Star Tribune recently compiled a list of the folks who have begun the politicking for '08.

In the Republican corner, Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee leads with six visits. Mitt Romney (Massachusetts governor), Sam Brownback (Kansas senator) and George Pataki (New York governor) have toured the corn four times each. Newt and Tom Tancredo (Colorado congressman) have rolled through three times, while Mr. "Roboto" Frist and neighbor Chuck Hagel (Nebraska senator) have only dropped in once.

Curiously, fewer Democrats have campaigned. Must be busy working in Washington. Of those, John Edwards has stomped the grounds the most with four visits, while Evan Bayh (Indiana senator) and Mark Warner (Virginia governor) tie for second with two visits. John Kerry, Bill Richardson (New Mexico governor) and Tom Daschle and showed up once.

Notably, Iowa has gotten no love from Hillary, John McCain, Condolezza Rice and Rudy Giuliani.

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