NEW BLOGGER: First we brought you Bono updates, then we brought you our non-Pulitzer Prize winning series Most Worthless Country of the Week, now Hawkeye Republican brings you...a guest blogger...not from Iowa.

*GASP* Our new blogger reigns from New Jersey (oh yeah, he'll break your kneecaps) and attends the University of Chicago. I know that many of you may not have heard of the University of Chicago, because it is not the University of Iowa, which is the epicenter of academia, but the new guy tells me it's a fairly decent school.

Here are a few facts about the new guy to help you, you know, connect:
1. He thinks that Bob Dole is "the shit."
2. During his free time he likes to "keep it real"
3. He formerly worked for the RNC and once helped Ed Gillespie spell his last name

Now join me in welcoming "the new guy"

Nice job underestimating your readers but I doubt anyone here is stupid enough not to have heard of UChicago and all those Nobel Prize winners.
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