IOWA GOP PRESENTS BOLD IDEAS: I'm sorry, that was just the font.

Our bold idea: target the seniors. No, not like free-range deer, silly.

Between all those discounts at Wendy's (oh yes, there is a senior discount) and their universal health care system, the seniors are really hurting in our aging state.

Oh sure, I could read a little deeper into House Republican intentions to eliminate income taxes on Social Security and pension benefits and laud it as a first step to the end of manipulated progressive politics gone awry, but that would be a run-on sentence.

Okay, so I will. A little bit.

Keeping the perversion of America's tax system, getting rid of a few state add-alongs is progress. Since Republicans have chosen to target seniors, this may provide the party with some leverage going into the quickly approaching election cycle.

However, it worries me greatly that tax relief has been painted as an effort to retain rich seniors. Oh wait, because it is. Plus, I don't like old people.

Seriously...just kidding Grandma!

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