FAREWELL, PERHAPS SLIGHTLY UNDERCOMPENSATED, FOND FRIEND: The following is a message sent to all University of Iowa students and staff.

Dear members of the University community:

It is with a keen sense of excitement and sadness that we send this
message. David has been chosen to become Cornell’s 12th president. At
the same time, Robin has accepted joint appointments in the Department
of Cell Biology and Genetics in the Weill-Cornell Medical College and
in the Department of Biomedical Sciences in the College of Veterinary Medicine.

Our sadness comes from leaving The University of Iowa, which has been
our home for most of our professional lives, and from leaving you, who
have been our family. You have taught us and nurtured us. You have been our mentors and our friends. You have entrusted us with positions of leadership through which we have done our best to make this University and this community a better place. We are profoundly grateful for everything you have done to make this University the wonderful, humane place that it is. You have enriched our lives beyond repayment. We will miss you, but we know that this excellent university will be sustained by your loyalty and devotion. Oh yeah, and sorry about all the jazz all the time. My bad, but seriously, you have to admit I'm pretty good ;) (Editor's note)

With respect and love,

David Skorton

Robin Davisson
Associate Professor of Anatomy and Cell Biology

I blame the Regents. Sorta. Maybe. Not. I'm just confused.

Fuckin Mary Sue Coleman Wanna be!!

though i have to admit Skorton was better lookin than Coleman
(did i just say that?)

Now who's going to protect us from them DAMN animal rights activist(crazies!!). Oooh God i feel so Vulnerable, SKORTON, WHY HATH THY FORSAKEN THEE!!!!!!
Ohhh yeah.....MONEY, that's why!
F*ckin Money!
I'd like to suggest that before Skorton departs we demand an Independent Counsel from the U of I Office of Affirmative Action to investigate what exactly Nestor Torres intended by his statement, "I look forward to making music with David Skorton."
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