NICK RYAN DOES HIS JOB WELL: Nussle Volunteer E-mail Czar Nick Ryan certainly keeps the base energized with weekly upates and quick notes of our Nussle's newsworthiness.

Just in case you missed it, President Bush praised Congressman Jim Nussle's leadership, which could be a negative or positive thing depending upon your theory on poll numbers and coat tails.

In a statement about hurricanes, the perennial favorite terrorism and everything else, Dubyah splashed, "I also applaud the House for being wise with taxpayer dollars and approving a significant reduction in spending on entitlements."

Not that we'll ever see a significant reduction in Social Security benefits, but if Bono can be a Person of the Year, hell, anything could happen.

Laura, good for Jim. I know that I wouldn't be man enough to accept such accolades from President Bush. Also, I'm glad that you are volunteering to give up your social security benefits for the greater good. Philanthropy for it's own sake is not something I see as a personal trait of most hardcore GOOpers that I have heard from....

strait from no nussle-ville

Ryan is the campaign manager.
Yes, and the Volunteer E-mail Czar
You all can't read the sarcasm, can you?
Just ignoring it.
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