Life Sucks...

...WHEN YOU ARE A HORRIBLE COACH: Some things in life are simple; this is one of those one-dimensional, do-you-actively-seek-failure kind of questions--what would help Iowa basketball? Firing Steve Alford.

Nothing personal Steve, but you are a horrible, horrible coach. We're IOWA--we should not have to accept defeat in *gulp* Ames, three times in one athletic season! Ridiculous.

Alford, go take your mediocre, student-alienating, ineffective coaching somewhere else...like UNI...or Iowa State...oh wait, they both beat you.

Firing Steve is a horrible idea. Horrible, I say...

Lets see, Tom Davis takes Drake to respectability and towards its first winning record in decades.

Steve Alford has never had a better record than Davis in the Big Ten. Isn't that the reason Iowa fired Davis? They wanted to be more competitive in the Big Ten...

I tell you life is good, very good. Leave my buddy Steve alone :)

Jordan, life long Cyclone fan.
Jordan, if I were a clone I'd be with you on your campaign.

Iowa needs to kick Alford to the kirb. He could be the worst bench coach in the history of the game. Good players don't always (and in-fact usually) make good coaches. It came easy for him and he hasn't spent enough time actually studying the game . . . he just used his natural shooting ability to win.

We need a student of the game and a great leader. Greg McDermott is the guy.
IOWA should definitley snatch up McDermott, what are the chances??

Alford is the worst coach i've ever seen, if he coached as much as he whined he'd be great. Maybe he shold spent less time shopping for those gay ass GQ suits and more time teaching the fundamentals of the game. You know, free-throws, dribbling, REBOUNDING.......all the stuff a coach should do!

Screw ISU, live it up, it won't last long!!!
Live it up?

Come on man, don't be a myopic Hawkeye have some class.

Basketball is almost evenly split since the mid eighties.

And football has gone the Cyclones' way even during the great run the Hawks had last year and two years ago. What is it 5 out of 7?

And I will save you the time of writing a response...yes I do remember the 15 straight loses to Iowa in football. Luckily, however I have a more clear memory of this year.
Memory is merciful. I can barely recall now those terrible years when Iowa routinely beat Iowa State.

I do root for the Hawks, however, except for one day in September and another in (usually) December. I am a Cyclone, after all.
I meant live it up this year, things seem to flip flop pretty easily.......but thanks for the lecture, i'll be sure to spew it back to you next year!
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