HAWKEYE SPORTS DEPRESS ME GREATLY If it wasn't enough that we had to lose to Northwestern in football jeopardizing our chances at a good bowl, now Hawkeye basketball loses to UNI. UNI. Yes, the University of Northern Iowa--home of a Donutland with tons of potholes in the parking lot and a substandard university (sorry UNI grads, but you know it's true).

However, if I didn't hate Steve Alford so much, I might actually care. In fact, I can forget about the whole UNI blip on the radar, because we're going to Tampa, baby!

I heard after the next tuition hikes for ISU, UI and UNI that UNI will actually be more expensive to attend then ISU and Iowa.

yeah...blew me away to.
Alford is by far the worst coach ever. he is the Dan McCarney of IOWA basketball. does just enough to keep his job, but blows (everyone in the athletic dept.) the stupidest games ever.....UNI, come on!! How pathetic!

IOWA better beat ISU tonight otherwise i may just go beat stevie with a blunt object in his sleep!
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