Cedar Rapids and Iowa City are the Best Cities Ever

SURELY, THE CENTER OF THE UNIVERSE: Rankings issued in 2005--from political persuasions to good driving--conclusively proved that Cedar Rapids and Iowa City are the best cities ever. Yes, that's right New York, you may be a "big apple," but you certainly aren't as mommy friendly or passionate about football.

According to today's Cedar Rapids Gazette, Cedar Rapids and Iowa City were stand-outs in several national rankings. Here's a rundown:

Mommy friendly
According to Babyfit.com, Cedar Rapids rated 18th nationwide among Healthiest Cities for Pregnancy. TomKat--ditch the sonogram machine and move to Iowa.

Excellent Driving...despite the influx of Illini
All-state Insurance determined that Cedar Rapids drivers were No. 1 in avoiding collisions. As a reward, All-State gave free gasoline to more than 820 area drivers. Tired of fender benders? Move to Iowa...and hey, I know what you're thinking, the low number of accidents had nothing to do with our small population...

Politically Diverse--It's a Good Thing
A San Francisco-based think tank, Bay Area Center for Voting Research, determined that Cedar Rapids is the 97th most liberal and the 141st most conservative city in America. How awesome. We are politically tolerant and we keep our pregnant women healthy by not running them off the road.

Hearting the Hawkeyes is Right for America

According to The Sporting News, Iowa City is the best college football town in America. Iowa City also ranked 49th in the best sports cities list, while Cedar Rapids ranked 310th. Go Hawks! But clearly, the Kernels are not carrying their weight.

We are Ridiculously Smart
Expansion Magazine ranked Iowa City seventh nationwide in the most "Ph.D.s per capita." Oh yeah, and there's that Ames place too.

Ready to move to Iowa? Great.

Iowa rules, everybody else drools!
Keep this stuff quiet, Laura! :) As far as I'm concerned, we want to only reinforce those arogent east and west coaster's ideas that Iowa is just corn fields and pig farms! I love your statistics and comments, -- and couldn't agree more -- I just hope that there aren't too many NY'ers or LA'ians reading your blog or these statistics.
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