THE ACLU HATES REPUBLICANS, DEMOCRATS AND INDEPENDENTS: But, apparently loves Greens and Libertarians--or so their most recent law suit of the moment might show.

Ballot Access News reports that:
"On September 15, 2005, the ACLU of Iowa sued the state, over the policy of forcing all voters to register Republican, Democratic or Independent. The suit was on behalf of the Green and Libertarian Parties. The state has still not responded to the complaint, but has promised to do so on December 7."

What's the problem? We all know that, much like unicorns, libertarians aren't real.

The Mind of IrishWalsh: Show Your Support For Iraqi Democracy

I just put this up on my Iowa Based Blog. I am trying to get fellow Iowa Bloggers to support this as well and am sending this to each blogger on the Iowa blogroll and any others I know of that might care. If you participate, thank you and spread the word. Imagine how cool it would be if we got a serious movement going on this. Purple fingers everywhere!

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