A Tribute to Rick Sanotrum, Bono and some dude...

AN AMAZING PICTURE, A MEDIOCRE STORY: Dang, that Bono does get around. When he's not curing AIDS, gracefully losing the Nobel Peace prize to Mohamed ElBaradei or just generally acting like a socially conscious rock star, he's posing in photo ops with Pennsylvanian Evangelical senators. Wonders never cease!

A fellow conservative in arms and student at the University of Chicago, e-mailed me an update from the Intercollegiate Studies Institute--one of the few pro-conservative student institutes out there--including this lovely pic.

Apparently, the some dude, George Srour, met with Senator Rick Santorum and rock legend, Bono to discuss his noble purpose to start the non-profit organization, "Building Tomorrow: Destination Kampala." Srour shared his new organization's initiative to serve orphans impacted by AIDS in Uganda with Senator Santorum and Bono.

Great. Bono loves AIDS. Santorum loves orphans he can convert to Christianity. Match made in AIDs-infested heaven. Jeez, if only we could get Bob Geldof in there to sing to them. Maybe they could broadcast it on AOL.

Reflecting on the objective of ISI's Simon Fellowship for Noble Purpose, Bono said, "Focusing your life on bringing hope and justice to those in despair and poverty, one person, one family, at a time, is not just all you can do...it is everything."

Cheers to you--Rick, Bono and some dude.

I hope they all get AIDS, wouldn't that be ironic!!

Bono, your a stupid musician, not a research scientist. YOU JUST BRING IN THE MONEY, while thousands gather to see you scream in a mic and then go off compelled by all that is U2, and spread AIDS through casual sex!!!

I actually met this guy. He came and spoke at Wake and defended the market-oriented approach to solving problems in Africa, rather than pleding 1.2 trillion dollars in foreign aid and relieving 100 kabillion dollars of debt.

Good guy. Even if he did meet with Bono.
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