JUST SAY NO TO RAINFORESTS...IN IOWA: Good old Chuck Grassley. You can always count on the Grassman to ride his lawnmower into town to save the day, or in this case move toward ending the idiotic Coralville rainforest project.

Started lovingly enough, Iowa Child has exploded into an unaccountable, flailing waste of time and money. Finally, organizers will have to pony up something more than a cool website and delays.

Cheers to Grassley for finally taking proactive steps to snatch the $50 million in federal money he helped to secure in 2003. If backers can't scramble up matching private donations within two years, the federal money will be revoked. And that's a good thing.

WHO the hell wants to come to IOWA to see a rainforest anyway......i think the whole idea should be scrapped.

some hotels and a convention center would be nice and useful.

And while they're at it they should reconstruct Dolls (I do miss that place) more people would come to visit dolls than a Gi-normous greenhouse!
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