JIM NUSSLE FOR GOVERNOR: I never thought I'd get directions from a member of Congress. Heck, most politicians don't even know what direction the country should be headed in, let alone how to get to Marion.

Yet, still on Saturday morning Jim Nussle was on the phone while I hurriedly made my way to his campaign training.

Chock full of precinct leaders and green armbands, Jim Nussle is steering ahead with his campaign. Check it out.

Sorry, It ain't gonna happen. The Republican Party done smashed into a brick wall. With major league mess-ups and skyrocketing unpopularity coming out of Washington, there's no way that a guy who's been there for 10 years (and led us to the biggest financial disaster ever) is going to get elected to come home and give us a "top-down review" of state guv'mint. We ought to be sending someone to review him.
Oh Rob, just you wait and see.
If Fred Thompson is backing him I've got to give Nussell a good look.
I'll start by learning to spell his name.
Nussle may have some questions to answer for social conservatives in Western Iowa when it comes time to explain some of his tax cut proposals - particularly those associated with the reconstruction effort in New Orleans.

Traditionally, tax cut proposals (at the federal level) have included provisions excluding so called "sin industry" from the benefits of major tax incentives/breaks. The idea is that those businesses already get major preferential treatment at the state level and that the federal government should try to stay away from looking like it is promoting gambling, liquour, and massage parlors. Well, the issue has reared it's head in the conference negotiations surrounding the current budget for tax relief for Gulf Coast businesses.

Senator Chuck Grassley wrote the piece of legislation that Rep. Frank Wolf (R-VA) is opposed to...Plus, Jim Nussle of the Ways and Means Committee is directly responsible for tax writing legislation. So, will Jim Nussle push for cuts in medicaid, student loans, and other social programs that help the poor and middle class in exchange for tax cuts for liquour stores, massage parlors, and casinos?

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