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FINALLY, A LITTLE LOVE FROM SCIENCE: Not that I'm a huge fan of scientific findings--unless of course they support my viewpoint--but, this one is a doozie. And by doozie, I mean the best study ever...that supports my viewpoint.

For years, people have foolishly assumed that caffeine has negative health consequences. But come on people, why are you harping on about shaking hands, blood-shot eyes and hypertension when you get energy in exchange? People in Saudi Arabia are dying for fossil fuel; we can stroll down to the corner Starbucks for energy beyond our wildest dreams (i.e. $4 lattes).

However, mind power has debunked this heresy. Researchers have found that women who consume miniscule quantities of coffee (otherwise known as three cups a day) are 7-12 percent less likely to develop high blood pressure than their non-coffee drinking peers.

First red wine, now coffee. I love studies.

In other news, Starbucks attempts a hostile takeover of Christmas through online shenanigans.

holy moly.... i wasnt sure who ran this blog, but as SOON as i saw a post about coffee, i had my suspicions. : )
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