Bono Update, Part Huit

HAPPY HOLIDAYS, PAUL MARTIN: It must blow to be Paul Martin--not only is he Canadian, but in the past few days his administration faced a no-confidence vote and sharp criticism over his plan to provide native Indians with more firewater/economic development.

To make matters worse, Martin has lost the Irish rockstar support bloc.

Prior to a concert in Ottawa, Bono told reporters that "I like him very much personally, and I just think it's a huge opportunity that [Martin is] missing out on." Giving money to corrupt African regimes to fuel civil wars and genocide sure is missing out.

Shoot, it'd be worse than missing Rent in theatres.

Bono, Man of Peace Bob Geldof and others have said that with the budget surpluses Canada has experienced in recent years, the country is in a prime position to increase its foreign aid to 0.7 per cent of the budget, instead of .3 per cent. Either that or Canada could stop subsidizing their communist lumber industry.

"I am personally not just disappointed, I'm crushed actually, because I really believed that the Prime Minister would do that," Bono said. "I felt, as a former finance minister, he would be able to make the numbers work."

Jesus, Bono--he's the prime minister, not an employee at Enron.

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