2008 CAMPAIGN UPDATE: All due respect Democratic Party of Iowa--which leaves me in the clear--but, really, touting Tom Daschle as a 2008 presidential nominee?

Unlike a floundering vessel full of Somalian pirates (see post below), there is no deep, watery grave for politicians. Much like a parking attendant, Kennedy, Gephardt, Harkin, Clinton and now, Daschle keep making their rounds to dole out tickets and generally annoy the world.

You can see the parallels.

Really, Tom. Wasn't it enough that your home state wouldn't even elect you?

But, good 'ol Sally Pederson must have it just right:
"I think Senator Daschle does very well here in Iowa because he is a midwesterner, he understands the midwest, I think he's very comfortable with us and I think people here are very comfortable with him."

First of all, South Dakota is not *really* in the Midwest. Yes, the hog to person ratio is a qualifier...then there's that whole strategic Midwest location thing...details. And secondly, as Iowans, we shouldn't have such low standards.

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