THE DEEP THOUGHTS OF A MAYFLOWER DESCENDANT: My political views are pretty well-known on campus (i.e. to say that one is a "libertarian" is to say one is spineless, the term feminism is degrading toward women, Robert Bork wrote a great article in the Journal today, to be a libertarian is not hip and cool, but rather vile and disgusting...among others...), but today someone combated my arguments by dubbing me a "WASP."

Now, what truly is a WASP?

According to Wikipedia, WASP (an acronym for White Anglo-Saxon Protestant) is a term that denotes the culture, customs, and heritage of the American elite establishment.

Well crap, guess I'm a WASP.

Doesn't a WASP also have to be from and established, wealthy family that has been in the U.S. for serious generations after another?

When I think WASP, I think ... um ... well, not you.

Unless of course, you want to be a one. In which case, more power to ya, L-Weezy.
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