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FUNNY STUFF FROM THE DI'S JOHN CROTTY: As a member of the Student Allocation and Budgeting Committee (SABAC), I see a lot of funding requests from worthy--some not so worthy--student groups.

However, with only about $25,000 to allocate during each supplemental period in the face of over $90,000 in requests, there are often some shortfalls.

In comes the DI with a very clever and close to home commentary on Recent Requests for UI Student Organization Funding:

Macbride Falconry Club: $7,500 for purchase of rare Giant African Falcon

Falconry Club one week later: $895 for purchase of high-powered falcon rifle

Coalition of Graduate Students: $35,000 for spending--money to tide them over while they strike against the university

Men's Rowing Team: $10 for earplugs to block out heckling from homeless under the bridge

Associated Daum: $4,000 for dead bolts to keep out drunk, angry Burge kids

Hawkeye Flippy Cup Team: $950 for seven German engineered, precision-balanced plastic cups, and $950 for a year's supply of American-engineered, Milwaukee-brewed Keystone Light

So true.

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