STOMACHING POLITICAL VIEWS: No bad puns. The title and cartoon is all the funny you get in this post...and that wasn't even funny, just mildly clever.

What I would like to address, however, is my recent decision to become "anonymous"--switching from my name to the alias "Hawkeye Republican."

First, what would motivate me to do this? Chiefly, my desire was to ensure that my political views would not hamper any future efforts to find employment. Employers do google I hear. I am a college student and I do need to make an income at some point.

However, it is pretty obvious that having an internship with the Heritage Foundation and the Ronald Reagan Future Leaders Scholarship on my resume will give away the game.

Drat. I'm back to being me. I guess I will be gainfully unemployed.

Last I checked Republicans had lots of good-paying jobs. You know, like the CEO of Halliburton.
Wise move Hawkeye Republican. There's no sense in turning off potential employers with your political views ...unless that's your field.

I hate to nitpick, but the irony of a cartoon poking fun at reasons for not getting a job while unintentionally misspelling "personnel" is too rich to pass up.
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