Most Irrelevant Country of the Week

EUROPEAN EDITION: In an effort to fulfill every conservative stereotype ever, please welcome a new series--the Most Irrelevant Country of the Week.

And no, I'm not starting with France.

This week, let's take a brief look at the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. Nestled between equally irrelevant, war-torn/terrorist-stricken/former Soviet satellites/economically depressed countries Albania, Serbia and Montenegro, Bulgaria and Greece, FYR Macedonia suffers from instability due to a vocal Albanian minority.

Still embroiled in border disputes, FYR Macedonia only recently made peace with Greece and Yugoslavia. However, confidential government memos reveal that Yugoslavian officials really didn't care, because it's not like they were dealing with Canada or something. Because, Canadians at least have mounties.

Landlocked and a major exporter of always hot commodities cloth, iron and steal, FYR has great prospects to hold no strategic interest or add economic value to the world for decades to come.

Congratulations, all you Macedonians--you live in one of the most irrelevant places in the world.

Proving that the rest of the world doesn't matter, one country at a time...

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