UH, CONGRATULATIONS MR. EL-BARADEI?: I'm sorry, do we now give the Nobel Peace Prize to the set of dudes who do the least to foster peace, but further the proliferation of nuclear technology? I've been taking midterms for awhile, I may have missed the memo.

Maybe they opened the wrong envelope?

This is like that time at the Academy Awards last year when that stupid Morgan Freeman won the Oscar for best supporting actor in Million Dollar Baby, instead of Jamie Foxx in Collateral. You know, that Jamie Foxx can sing good.

just like your idol, fostered peace by starting two wars?

let me briefly explain how US policy encourages nuclear proliferation. the US govt. has a policy of prevenative war, ie they will attack anyone who could potentially be a threat. in practice, the govt. only attacks countries that pose no threat, like Iraq, for example. As you recall, the govt. did not attack N. Korea, b/c it poses a credible threat. when a country's leaders see that the US doesn't negociate (Iraq, Afghanastan)and that it will do whatever it wants, the best thing they could do would be to try to be too dangerous to attack.
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